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Edenwood Veterinary Clinic - Tiffin, OH - About Us

Learn all about our veterinarian and veterinary staff here! 

Our Veterinarian

Jamie J. Pursell, DVM

Dr. Jamie Pursell is a 1996 graduate of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She joined Edenwood Veterinary Clinic in 1997, as an associate veterinarian. Dr. Pursell subsequently purchased the Clinic in 2004. Since then, Dr. Pursell has introduced several new diagnostic, surgical and medical innovations and procedures to the Clinic- such as ultrasound capabilities, CO2 laser surgery, therapeutic laser, digital radiology, advanced in-house laboratory and diagnostic services, complete anesthetic monitoring systems and much more. As a Veterinarian and the Clinic owner, Dr. Pursell always strives to put the Clinic motto into practice- "Quality, Compassionate Care for Your Family Pet." Dr. Pursell's interests in veterinary medicine include: internal medicine, soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, canine and feline behavior, and strong client education and communication. Dr. Pursell is a current member of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) and she participates in several continuing education programs in a variety of veterinary medicine topics. Dr. Pursell is also an active member of the Ohio Regional Disaster Animal Response Team (DART). The mission of DART is to promote the safety and well-being of all animals that are or may be adversely affected during a disaster and to respond to the needs of those who provide emergency and supportive care to animals during all phases of a disaster. Dr. Pursell is a past president of the North Central OVMA and a member of the AAEP, AAHA and AAFP veterinary associations. She is involved with community education events such as career days, classroom visits and hospital tours- promoting responsible pet ownership and pet wellness care. Outside of Edenwood Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Pursell shares her life with her husband Andre, their three active kids, four cats, three dogs, two horses, one pony, two bunnies and more than 25 chickens.

Our Practice Manager 

Edenwood Veterinary Clinic - Tiffin OH -  Our practice manager Marj Voorhees

Marj Voorhees

Marj has been with Edenwood Veterinary Clinic since the summer of 1991 and is currently the Practice Manager. Throughout the years, she has worked in almost every position in the clinic and she still says the kennel is the best . Marj oversees the staff, is in charge of all the inventory, websites and the computers, trying to make sure daily business activities run as smoothly as possibly. She also takes care of client service- as well as the patients, when she gets the opportunity. Marj loves all of our clients' pets and strives to help them (and their owners) in whatever way she can. She says the wonderful patients of Edenwood are the number one reason she loves her job. When Marj is not at work, you may find her with camera in hand, hiking in a state park somewhere across the U.S. The photographs you see in the clinic are mostly ones that she has taken while on her travels. Marj enjoys the great outdoors, camping, photography and listening to music. She has two adult daughters and her family at home now consists of 2 orange female tabby cats, Sienna and Ronnie, and two Silken Windhounds named Jovian and Liviya, along with her husband, Gary, who also shares her love of animals. 




Our Veterinary Technicians 

Edenwood Veterinary Clinic -Tiffin OH- Our technician Marissa Shetterly

Marissa Stephens

Marissa graduated from Brown Mackie College in 2012 and has a degree in veterinary technology as a Registered Veterinary Technician. She joined the Edenwood Veterinary Clinic team in June of 2012. She has been a true asset to our technician team. Marissa is a huge Indian's and Ohio State fan. She also enjoys camping, softball, and spending time with her large family. Marissa is married to her high school sweetheart, Sam.  She lives in Tiffin with a perfect Shari Pei mix- Mia, a Pit Bull mix- Raina and a little Shari Pei mix - Nova.




Our Veterinary Assistants

Edenwood Veterinary Clinic -Tiffin OH- Veterinary Assistant Shelly Glover

Shelly Glover

Shelly is a multi-talented employee of Edenwood Veterinary Clinic- you'll find her in the front office, in the kennel and in the exam rooms. Shelly worked with us in the early 1990's, left for a few years to focus on her family, and then rejoined our staff in 2002. Shelly is most famous for looking for the next rescued dog that she can find a fur ever home for by visiting Pet Finder online, area shelters and the dog warden. If you're looking for a new canine (or even feline) addition, Shelly is the one to help you find that perfect match. When not working at Edenwood, Shelly loves to get caught up in a great book (if she can find the time!) and she is very involved with her church. Shelly lives just outside of Bloomville, with her husband Greg and their daughter Abby. She enjoys spending time with their adult children and their 4 grandchildren. Of course there are a few four-legged kids, Bailey- a Beagle, Zoey- a Pit Bull, Chaplin and Weiser are the felines who rule the roost! They are all rescues!!!!



Edenwood Veterinary Clinic - Tiffin OH - Veterinary Assistant- Kathy Ferner

Kathy Ferner

Kathy is our crazy cat lady, she currently is owned by 16 felines who share her New Riegel home. Kathy started working at Edenwood in the summer of 2013, before that, she was a client here at the clinic from the beginning of Edenwood. Kathy is in charge of our kennel and while your pet is on vacation here with us, she will make sure your furry family member is very well taken care of. You will also see Kathy in the front office. Kathy is fun, enthusiastic and a great person to work with. Kathy enjoys spending her off time at the beach, with her long time boyfriend, Jim, doing something with one of her sisters or just plain relaxing at home with her cats.


 Abigail Sendelbach

Abigail is our do it all teenager who has been with Edenwood since the fall of 2017. She is aspiring to become a veterinarian and while here, she is learning all about the clinic life. Abigail works in the kennel, taking care of the boarders, even on the holidays. She is also assisting with appointments and everywhere she can. When Abigail is not doing her homework, she is enjoying her own dogs, Finn, a pit bull mix and Macy, a cocker mix - both are rescues. She also has a cat named Razzberry. 

Our Clinic Cats

Edenwood Veterinary Clinic - Tiffin OH- Clinic cat Jazzie


Jazzie is our female cat that just appeared one day in the woods behind the Clinic in 2004. She was young but after a little TLC, Jazzie knew she had found her new home. She is known to climb right up on the lap of our clients, particularly those who don't like cats! Jazzie is a typical cat that only wants attention on her terms and she will let you know when she's done. You may notice that Jazzie's tail is a little short- she had to have it amputated after we discovered the tip of her tail was injured and bleeding. Jazzie loves to drink straight from the faucet, especially the water faucet in our surgery suite - which she can turn on (and off) all by herself! Most of the time she is found sleeping in a drawer in the office.



Edenwood Veterinary Clinic - Tiffin OH- Clinic cat Smalls


Mocha is the furriest of our family of felines who reside at Edenwood Veterinary Clinic. Mocha fit right into the busy life of a vet clinic. She could care less about the other cats or any of the animals that come and go through our doors. Mocha, with her beautiful blue eyes, keeps watch on everything that goes on, from the countertop. She helped to re-arrange the supplies inside a cupboard so many times that we gave up and moved the supplies so she can have that shelf all to herself.


Hugs is the latest addition to our feline family, making Edenwood his home in early 2019. He never lets having only 3 legs slow him down one bit, he gets into everything! We are adjusting to having such a youngster running in the halls. You will see Hugs playing with his toys or trying to visit with any dog that is kind enough to let him say hello. We have decided that he thinks he is really a dog.